Terms Of Service

Purchase of Product

By purchasing a product you agree, upon order confirmation, to be charged the amount of the order. All transaction from purchases on our website (Rowgadget.com) are processed via stripe (Stripe.com) and by making an order on our website you agree that the transaction will be processed by stripe.

All estimations of delivery dates are only estimation and Rowgadget makes no promises on the delivery date. Pre-ordered items on our website will only contain an expected time of shipment and no promises on the delivery dates of the pre-orders.

Orders are prioritized chronologically, that is we produce and ship products to customers in the order the order have been placed, oldest orders will be shipped first. However Rowgadget reserves the right to prioritize orders from re-sellers and distributors over individual customers.

Rowgadget may redirect customers to distributors or re-sellers we work with in the countries in the countries our distributors or re-sellers work in

Use of Product and Service

All rights reserved, All intellectual property, including but not limited to, the Rowclocks design, technological design, packaging, marketing material; The websites design, graphics - such as the logo and illustrations, image, blog posts and other material published by Rowgadget are under the ownership of Rowgadget and its owner

By the purchase of our products and use of our services, such as our website, you agree not to use these or any illegal or unauthorized purposes, including any violations of our copyright or our terms of service

You may not, without permissions, modify, enhance, reproduce, translate, sell, resell, rent or lease services, such as our website, or parts there of, you do not have the rights to. You may not, without permission, decompile, reverse engineer or in any other way attempt acquire the source code or technical design of our products and services. You may not, without permission produce derivative works of our products, services or other intellectual property, as well as making websites or marketing to deceive customers of Rowgadget.

All blog posts made are intended for entertainment purposes and is not indented as expert advice and should not be used as such, Rowgadget does not take responsibility or have liability for any action or damage from action that my be caused by our blog posts.

Privacy Policy

When you buy items from our website (Rowgadget.com) , you agree to that we are allowed keep and store certain information about you, the purpose of this information is to ship you product and keep in contact with you. We are allowed to store all information about you that you enter into out site. for most individuals, this information will be, Full Name, Phone Number, Email & Address. You agree that Rowgadget may use this information to send you offers and news about our site. This information will be provided to third parties in order to complete the transaction, shipping and other third parties needed to complete your order. Rowgadget will not sell your information. Following the EU’s GDPR regulation on storage and access to personal data, you are allowed to know all data we have on you, and if desired to get information, under the GDPR, Removed. If you desire this please go to our contact form and choose the correct subject and write to us, and we will get back with a response as soon as possible.

Return Policies

Orders placed on our website (Rowgadget.com) or by email will be eligible for a refund or cancellation within 14 days of the order placement, with a full refund, including shipment, Rowgadget will require the shipment of the product back for any refund. Products which are defective in a way that makes them unusable for the user, such as the product not turning on, will be eligible for a refund 7 days after the product is received or 14 days after the order was places, which ever is longer, unusable products may either be refunded or be repaired / replace depending on the customers choice. Products defective in ways which does not make them unusable for the user are eligible for refunds 14 days after the products is received, and a refund or repair/replacement will occur depending on the customers choice. Rowgadget will not refund products which as been opened or otherwise tampered with. Rowgadget reserves the right to refund customers and to rejects refunds after the time (described above) has passed, as well as rejecting refunds after 14 days from the order placement if Rowgadget suspects malicious intent. Refunds are requested via our contact form,

Rowgadget reserves the right to change our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy.