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No worries about charging, water damage, button, setup or weight. Rowclock have 2 years of battery, it’s water-resistant, smart but without setup and light weight, so you don’t have to worry - so you can Just Row.

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Produced In & Ships From Denmark



Water Resistance

Rowing is a sport on the water so we made sure that the Rowclock is designed to have a robust and water resistant design

With this design there no worries about water damage by the splashing of water bound to happen, and even if it dropped into the water or get completely submerged in water, it will still work.


The Rowclock is as light as a glass of water, but still packs a batter to last a lifetime

Never Charge

You never have to charge the Rowclock with it battery life of up to 2 years on the included batteries

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Always Light

The Rowclock weighs in at only 150 grams, so it is sure to never weigh or slow you down.


No Setup

Rowcloks set up is quick and as easy as 1 2 3


Just take the protective layer off the Velcro-like tape on the back, and just put it in the boat, and its installed


Rowclocks battery is already in, and then its in the boat, it all ready to, just double-tap it on the front to turn it on


Now there’s only one thing left to to, and that is to
Just Row


Smart Technology

Never reach for buttons with Rowclocks smart software

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Rowclock will automatically detect when you start and stop rowing and will reset the timer and total strokes, so you only get the informaiton relevant for the current lane you’re rowing, without every touching a button, if you want the total, simple doubletab


When you start rowing

When you start rowing, Rowclock will automatically reset the timer, stroke count and strokes per minute, so you only see relevant for information for the current lane you’re rowing

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When you stop rowing

When you stop rowing, rowclock will show you the average stroke rate, time and number of strokes for the lane you just rowed.



See the total

You only need to ever touch the Rowclock to turn it on or switch to Total Mode, both done with a simple double-tap, where it shows you total time and strokes since you turned it on and the current stroke rate

Note : You can only change mode when you have stopped rowing and “Rest” is showing in the bottom

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Bulk Discount

If you are a rowing club, or a group of friends, 5 or more, contact us to see if you are eligible for a bulk discount - spoilers, you probably are